Notice of Complaint Proceeding

Attached is the latest correspondance from the BC Human Rights Tribunal (HRT). Our complant has now been serverd on the Province of B. C..

The HRT wants to know when we are available to meet for a Settlement Conference and that is the next stage in this process. We will keep you up to date on the process via Monthly Meetings and Email.

At our 2019 December 17th monthly meeting I made the following resolution:

Monthly Meeting

2019 Executive

November's Meeting the Notice of Motion of a dues increase was passed .

Fly of the month to the past Executive for all their hard work  (see photo)

Elections were held and your new executive are: 

President: Taylor Culver

Past President: John Bowers

Vice President: Bruce Gemmell 

Recording Secretary: Vacant 


Len Piggin , Wayne Deptuck, Mike Doutaz, Carl Ottosen, Doug Scorrar, Bernie Reddick 

We still need one more Director and a Recording Secretary