Wading Do's and Don'ts

Fly Fusing magazine 2012 February 20 (Volume 9 issue1) had an article by Mr. John Gantner - Felt Soles Up. The following Do's & Don'ts were listed;

Do                                                                   Don't
Use a Wading Staff                                        Cross-over step
Pick a lead foot & keep it.                              Take long or high steps
Use short shuffling side steps                        Lunge or move quickly
Shift your weight slowly                                  Step up onto rocks.
Stay on the level ground                                Turn your backside to the flow.
Present a slim profile to the current               Get distracted
Wade with a friend use the Buddy System    Wade unnecessarily
Watch the bottom                                           Cast while wading
Wear studded boots, hat, wader belt
inflatable vest & polarized sun glasses          Trail your fly line.
Prepare your equipment                                Pre-plan your crossing
Plan your way out of the water                       Assume there is a way out.
                                                                       Walk near spawning redds or weed beds.