TRS Initiatives


The attached is in response to the meeting of 2016 December 2nd in Kamloops regarding TRS. The next step for the Thompson Steelhead Working Group (TSWG) is to come up with a plan. The attached document is our suggestions for that plan. The TSWG plan is supposed to be prepared during the Spring of 2017. We also sent a letter to the Federal and Provincial Governements asking that they ensure funds are made available so this plan can be made.

Letter to Wholesale Sports regarding fly tying material

At the bottom is Aaron Bisson's (Manager Kamloops) response to letter as sent out by our Vice-President Tracy Murdoch. Our response is below.

Len Piggin President KFF

Morning Aaron,

Below is a listing of the Tread and Wire.

The comment that came back from the guys was “Can we do this for other items” such as;

Mustad Hooks, Tiemco Hooks (Gamakatsu Hooks are too expensive), Flashabou, Seal Fur (Imi seal fur) among other items.

We really appreciate your quick response. Len Piggin President KFF (I cc’d my Executive).