Thompson River Steelhead Letter 2015 November 27th

Attached is a copy of the letter dated November 27th 2015 from the KFF.

Also attached is a letter from the Spences Bridge Steelhead Advocate Association dated December 10 2015.

The photographs attached to this were forwarded to the persons the November 27th 2015 letter were sent to. This was done on February 20th 2016.


Highland Valley Enhancement Fund Committee Minutes

Minutes DRAFT
Highland Valley Enhancement Committee Meeting
9:30 am, March 24th, 2015
MOE Office, 1259 Dalhousie Dr., Kamloops
9:30     In Attendance:
Steve Maricle              Ministry of Natural Resource Operations
Paul Zaharia                Kamloops & District Fish & Game Association
Don Trethewey           BC Wildlife Federation