TRS Robert Bison & Michael Phelps Statistics for TRS for 2014

I have the report entitled  "Statistics for the 2014 TRS Sport Fishery and Relationship between the Fishery and Steelhead Abundance" but it was to large (17.8 MB) to upload to this area of the web page. If you would like it please contact Leonard Piggin.

What is attached to this section is a annual Abundance In Season & Returned from 1984 to 2015.

Thompson River Steelhead Letter 2015 November 27th

Attached is a copy of the letter dated November 27th 2015 from the KFF.

Also attached is a letter from the Spences Bridge Steelhead Advocate Association dated December 10 2015.

The photographs attached to this were forwarded to the persons the November 27th 2015 letter were sent to. This was done on February 20th 2016.

Thompson River Steelhead - 2015 November 12

On November 12th Leonard Piggin, Don Trethewey and Hal Peterson attended the "Public Forum". These documents were received by Leonard Piggin via email from Mike Simpson.