Thompson River Steelhead

Auditor General letter 2017 October 26th

I got this idea to send a letter to the Auditor General from an email I received. I reviewed the Grizzly Bear report and found that if reads like a report that should be done for TRS except that I added the Auditor General for Canada as DFO is Federal Government department.

This is the email that i sent.

Good morning All,

Attached is my letter to the Auditor General for B. C and Canada.

Letter of 2017 October 17th - Poachers


The attached letter was emailed (my email message is below) dated 2017 October 17th to Donimic LeBlanc, Doug Donaldson, George Heyman and Catherine McKenna.


Good evening All,

Attached is my letter of 2017 October 17th regarding Poachers on the Thompson River.

We can't keep status quo. We need to ensure that this unique species of Steelhead will recover to historical numbers. To do nothing is like hammering a nail in their coffin.

Tight lines.

Leonard Piggin

President KFF

KFF Steelhead Committee Member 

Letter to Catherine McKenna 2017 September 6th

The signed letter is attached and the supporting documents were the graph prepared by Gord Bacon and our Initiatives for TRS.

We are asking that they shouldn't wait till the fall of 2018 to tender the studies but start immediately.

TRS letter of 2017 August 16th to Minister Doug Donaldson

The attached letter was sent out via email in response to the latest stats regarding TRS. Final count for 2017 was 254 steelhead returning to the Thompson River to spawn. Letters were also sent by the BCWF and the BCFFF.

I would encourage each and every member to write their own letter.

Len Piggin on behalf of TRS Committee Tracy Murdoch & Nash Wiens.

TRS Initiatives


The attached is in response to the meeting of 2016 December 2nd in Kamloops regarding TRS. The next step for the Thompson Steelhead Working Group (TSWG) is to come up with a plan. The attached document is our suggestions for that plan. The TSWG plan is supposed to be prepared during the Spring of 2017. We also sent a letter to the Federal and Provincial Governements asking that they ensure funds are made available so this plan can be made.

2016 November 9th presentation to Ashraf Amlani


I met with Ashraf Amlani at 2 pm at the Hotel 540. I gave her my presentation and three photographs that Nash Wiens did for me earlier this week. I concentrated on two items; Chum fishery change to a Selective fishery and a Detailed review and plan for the watershed's that the TRS spawn in.

She will get me the main contact information for the person at DFO that is responsible for TRS. The Province sets down the policy for TRS.

Presentation to Select Standing Committee on Finance

The attached document was prepared by the KDF&GA and presented to the Select Standing Committee on Finance on Tuesday September 20th in Kamloops. The presentation was made by Don Trethewey and Gord Bacon.