Thompson River Steelhead

KFF Pledge & letter 2016 December 25th

At the recent TSWG meeting of 2016 December 2nd we were asked to make a pledge regarding TRS. This is our pledge. This pledge was sent to the Prime Minister, Premier and their respective Ministers. 

2016 November 9th presentation to Ashraf Amlani


I met with Ashraf Amlani at 2 pm at the Hotel 540. I gave her my presentation and three photographs that Nash Wiens did for me earlier this week. I concentrated on two items; Chum fishery change to a Selective fishery and a Detailed review and plan for the watershed's that the TRS spawn in.

She will get me the main contact information for the person at DFO that is responsible for TRS. The Province sets down the policy for TRS.

Presentation to Select Standing Committee on Finance

The attached document was prepared by the KDF&GA and presented to the Select Standing Committee on Finance on Tuesday September 20th in Kamloops. The presentation was made by Don Trethewey and Gord Bacon.

Letter of June 11 2016


With some of the emails going around and with a new Minister in charge of DFO I thought it appropiate to send out the the attached letter. It was sent out via email and below is my email message.

Hi All,

Attached is my letter of 2016 June 11.This letter will not be mailed please include it in your correspondence systems.

I’m calling for a meeting with The Honourable Dominic Leblanc Minister of Fisheries & Oceans.

Thompson River Steelhead 2016 March 2 MP Cathy McLeod Meeting

Since our meeting in Spences Bridge 2015 November 12th I decided to take up the charge and started writing my own letters to Politicians. One of the things I noticed while attending the last two meetings was there were no Politicians. So there I am sitting at my computer when an email comes from our MP Cathy McLeod, she wants to meet with me. I sent an email to her constituency office and bang no even a minute later I get a call from her office, would like to meet with Cathy on Wednesday at 1:30 pm I didn't hesitate YES.

Thompson River Steelhead letter 2016 February 16 with petition

This is the email message that I sent with my email. I also sent an email to all BCFFF Member Clubs asking them to do the same.

Good morning All,

Attached is a letter dated 2016 February 16th from the Kamloops Fly Fishers (KFF) along with a petition signed by 35 Members at our regular monthly meeting on 2016 February 16th.

Please put this letter and attachment into your correspondence system.The original of the letter and petition will be forwarded to Mr. Hunter Tootoo. No other copies will be mailed.

TRS Robert Bison & Michael Phelps Statistics for TRS for 2014

I have the report entitled  "Statistics for the 2014 TRS Sport Fishery and Relationship between the Fishery and Steelhead Abundance" but it was to large (17.8 MB) to upload to this area of the web page. If you would like it please contact Leonard Piggin.

What is attached to this section is a annual Abundance In Season & Returned from 1984 to 2015.

Thompson River Steelhead Letter 2015 November 27th

Attached is a copy of the letter dated November 27th 2015 from the KFF.

Also attached is a letter from the Spences Bridge Steelhead Advocate Association dated December 10 2015.

The photographs attached to this were forwarded to the persons the November 27th 2015 letter were sent to. This was done on February 20th 2016.