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Single hand five essentials of a fly cast

Single Handed Fly Rod five essentials of a fly cast:

1. There is a pause at the end of each stroke, which varies in duration with the amount of line beyond the rod tip.

2. Slack line should be kept to a minimum.

3. The rod tip must follow a straight line path.

4. Casting stroke is increased with the length of line being cast.

5. Power must be applied in the proper amount and in the proper place during the stroke.

Videos describing the five essentials of a fly cast:

Hook Comparison Chart

This chart was forwarded to me by Bruce Gemmell

Attached is a Hook Comparison Chart for Togen, Mustad, Tiemco and Daiichi hooks. I received this from Bill Schievink at Togens.

The second Hook Comparison Chart is from Mustad and show Mustad New & Old Hook Numbers, Tiemco Hooks and Togen Hooks which I have added. This was done on 2016 February 21st by Leonard Piggin.