Lifetime Service Award



This morning I visited Len at his home. For all his years as a member of the Executive, as President,as Chair of the Steelhead Committee, as spokeperson for the Human Rights Tribunal, as organizer for dinners and fly-tying sessions when we had in-person meetings, and so much more, I decided he deserved special recognition.


Without consulting the rest of the Executive, I had a plaque made for him. The inscription reads as




                                                                     LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD


                                                            Presented to LEN PIGGIN in Recognition


                                                                of Long and Distinguished Service


                                                                     to the Aims and Ideals of


                                                       KAMLOOPS FLYFISHING ASSOCIATION


                                                                           NOVEMBER 2021



I think we can all agree that we are blessed to have him in our club.


Bruce Gemmell

President 2021

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I want to thank Bruce & the

I want to thank Bruce & the Members. I've received many emails from the Members congratulating me and I really appreciate it. Stay safe, thanks and tight lines. Leonard Piggin

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